AeroAid has an Impressive custom designed & built Technical Storage capability. Onsite storage capacity has capacity to store over 7,000 seat assemblies and has over 100,000 different Part Numbered Items available at any one time.

AeroAid provide a low cost alternative to storing bulky items such as seats, etc., which an Operator or Lessor  company may require in the medium to long term, but does not wish to dispose or sell on.

Aero Aid offers  long and short term storage facilities on both seats and spare parts. All seats will be boxed, labelled and given a specific storage location, for ease of retrieval or inspection at any time.

AeroAid specialise in the packing, shipping and delivery of Aircraft seats to anywhere they are required, on behalf of our customers, which can be provided with full insurance cover,

AeroAid is confident that it has the experience and knowledge required to meet our Client’s expectations and requirements