AeroAid can provide IFE Components which have undergone bench testing and repair.

AeroAid are available to go on wing and carry out a detailed equipment status of a particular system and produce a detailed report, all the faults and defects of a system and provide a comprehensive report on the operational status of a system.

AeroAid also carries a large stock of:

  • D.C.P.U.’s
  • S.E.B.s
  • Seat to Seat Harnesses
  • Seat to Sidewall Harnesses

Aero Aid have the ability to install & replace I.F.E. during refurbishment programmes.

AeroAid will work with the client and the OEM solving  technical issues utilising knowledge, acquired skillset and Approved Maintenance data required for an operating system.

AeroAid will work directly between the IFE provider and the seat manufacturer, on new equipment installation programs.