AeroAid will go on wing, provide a detailed survey on the exact condition of your seats and provide a detailed breakdown on the labour, parts and time required to repair/refurbish your ship set of seats.

We will provide a comprehensive seat-by-seat report, thereby providing the customer with a list of the parts needed and the labour required returning the seats to pristine condition. This service is particularly favoured by Aircraft Owners & Operators during aircraft delivery and redelivery from lease and sub-lease, to evaluate costs required to repair.

This is also of benefit to Aircraft Operators, who want to ascertain what work, and at what expense, would a fleet wide seat refurbishment program cost. This can be presented to Other Maintenance Providers for cost analysis and quoting.

AeroAid also have detailed Cabin Inspection Report sheets, which have been produced in conjunction with the Aircraft Manufacturers themselves, which we use to provide a comprehensive damage report on an Aircrafts interior.