AeroAid supply all types of carpets and curtains, cut and manufactured to your specific requirements to the highest standards.

AeroAid will supply complete ship sets of carpet and produce  detailed carpet drawings of your aircraft(s_ flooring area, on request.

Aeroaid has the capability to produce a specific piece of carpet, which needs replacing, which is ordered  directly from the detailed drawing provided. Each carpet drawing will have a part number layout of each piece of carpet, which can be manufactured and shipped to the outstation or aircraft.

AeroAid have capability to supply cockpit, galley and Lavatory floor covering.

AeroAid will supply  manufactured curtains, meeting aircraft manufactures requirements on Burns and Smoke emission tests.

Aeroaid have ready to go teams of fitters, who will remove & dispose of your old carpet prior to replacing and refitting your new carpet on the line or during base maintenance.