Aero Aid specialise in the:

  • Provision
  • Overhaul
  • Repair

Of all types of Aircraft Emergency Equipment, which comply with the detailed requirements set down by the Regulatory Authorities.

AeroAid supply EASA and FAA Complaint First Aid Kits to several Airlines & Leasing Companies. All of the AeroAid First Aid kits have the ability to be customised to suit individual requirements. AeroAid can also offer you the option of upgrading your existing kits to meet EASA or FAA minimum standards.

All of the AeroAid First Aid Kits are serialised and contents are updated and amended with each Refurbishment / Recertification and provide traceability and tracking of individual kits. AeroAid provide additional spare First Aid Kits, which can be provided to your Maintenance Provider or stored in Line Stations stores.

AeroAid will work with your Maintenance Planning departments, to set up  Maintenance Schedule on your First Aid Kits and consult with your Quality Assurance department on the Minimum Equipment List procedure. Aeroaid also maintain a database of all kits, their contents and their expiry date and will reach out to clients weeks in advance of kits being due to expire so as to insure Continued Airworthiness.

AeroAid will supply the Kits with your Airline Logo on the Kit box. AeroAid have the ability to provide Kits, with a Photo Luminescent Decal, so as they are visible in the event of being required in a darkened cabin , in the case of no light being available.

All kits come in:

  • Flame Retardant
  • Non Flame

  • Non Smoke Material
  • Sealed air and water tight
  • A tamper proof seal
  • Shrink wrapped in clear polythene if required.

Aero Aid commits to proving Owners and Operators, with an excellent level of after service and provides a complete support program for Refurbishment and Continued Airworthiness.