AeroAid hold stock of a number of Galleys and lavatories in stock.

AeroAid have access to large supplies of materials and parts for all the major Galley and Lavatory manufacturers. We can carry out repairs and modifications to any Galley or Lavatory type.

Our Technical background in the repair and refurbishment of Galleys and Lavatories assist us achieve specific requirements.

AeroAid have the ability to:

  • Strip down entire panels
  • Repair composite panel damage
  • Recover the panel with new tedlar decorative laminate

AeroAid also carry a large stock of:

  • Galley Food Carts (ACE, K.S.S.U & Atlas),
  • Oven Racks and Inserts,
  • Atlas Drawers,
  • Lavatory and Galley Waste bins.

AeroAid can also have specific items manufactured from Stainless Steel and Aluminum to your requirements.