AeroAid - Aircraft Interior Specialists

Some Of Our Suppliers

  • Recaro
  • Weber
  • B/E Aerospace
  • F.E.E.L
  • Flying Service
  • Sicma
  • Burn's
  • Contour
  • Airline Interior's
  • Koito
  • AVIO


AeroAid can provide bench testing and minor repairs to most I.F.E Components.

AeroAid can also go onto an Aircraft and carry out a detailed equipment status of a particular system and produce a detailed report, all the faults and defects of a particular system.

AeroAid also carries a large stock of

  • • D.C.P.U.'s
  • • S.E.B.s
  • • Seat to Seat Harnesses
  • • Seat to Sidewall Harnesses
    • Aero Aid can supply and fit I.F.E. during refurbishment programmes and bench test this equipment for serviceability, prior to installation onto the aircraft. This service could also include new decals on the DCPU.

      We can also liaise with the Original Equipment Manufacturer, with technical problems and documentation required for a particular system.

      AeroAid can also liaise, on your behalf, between the IFE provider and the seat manufacturer, on new equipment installation programs.